Double Cleansing: The methods

Good afternoon!

Double cleansing was something I thought of probably two days ago and thought that this was important to share as not many people know of the double cleansing method. And well, it is one of the keys to lovely healthy skin!

Originally double cleansing comes from European spas. But don’t fear, it isn’t something you can do at home, especially using Delizioso Skincare.

Double cleansing can actually make a WHOLE WORLD difference, if correctly used and adjusted to your skin.


Did you know? Double cleansing is also very known in the Japanese skin ritual? In fact, it is one of THE most important skin steps in a Japanese routine. Double cleansing sounds almost like washing your face TWICE. AH, what a bother. But No! It’s actually a method that is all about removing makeup and then cleansing skin in two separate steps.

The first step…I use the…
Carrot Facial Oil ETSY
IT is a facial oil and normally used as a moisturizer, but it is an AMAZING raw Delizioso formula that can also be used as a cleansing oil. So it’s naturally a multi-tasker. So for the first step, use an the Delizioso Skincare facial oil to get rid of the surface dirt…Sebum…Dry sweat…Dead Bacteria, all that goodness. The higher the content of oil the better the cleansing power. That’s why I love to use the Delizioso Carrots facial oil, because it’s actually 100% oil based. All you need to do is massage the oil onto your dry face and dissolve the makeup. Use a soft muslin cloth.

OILY cleansing will NOT aggrevate acne or cause new breakouts! Especially with a 100% natural formula. Once the makeup is removed, dry face and let’s go to step 2.

For the second step, I use…

Delizioso Watermelon & CoQ10 Foaming Milk Cleanser
The Delizioso Foaming Milk Cleanser (Watermelon & CoQ10). We start with the T zone, using the luxurious ALL NATURAL sulfate free foam that cleanses skin super gently yet effectively. The right way is to work the product into a lather and gently massage and spread over face.

It helps using a foam net…That will speed up the lather and super gently exfoliate.

So ladies, this is the double cleansing method that is done in spas and can be done at home with just TWO Deliziso products.

Peace & Love & Hugs


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