The Ginormous Benefits of Rosehips


I actually got a hold of these Rosehips when I went out for a run to get some…ehem…supplies (birthday presents). It was a hot sticky day, and those lovely Rosehip bushes instantly reminded me of our amazing Delizioso Skincare Rosehip & Ginger Night Cream.


So why Rosehip?
Well, as you can see thise beautiful Rosehip is so red and juicy and simply mmmmmmm. Rosehips are actually known for their skin loving benefits. Resehip is naturally very high in Vitamin C. It consists of 80% fatty acids which makes it a very nutritious fat vegetable oil once pressed.

Here are some of the healing aspects rose hip oil is credited with for helping the skin:

Scars, including acne scars and old scars
Dry eczema
Skin burns, including sunburn
Rehydrates dry skin
Repair damaged skin cells of all sorts
Reduce wrinkles
Benefit for dry, mature, aging skin

Rosehip is just the perfect plant to use for tea, on your skin and to simply enjoy the beauty of!
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